Wednesday, 13 May 2015

25 Simple Rules for Kids

1.Always use your manners

2.Say "Please" and "Thank you"

3.Always tell the truth

4.Say you are Sorry

5.Admit when you are wrong

6.Open door for others

7.Don't use Swear words

8.Be kind to others

9.Work hard

10.Your best is good enough  

11.Respect others

12.Instead of "Huh" or "What", Say "Pardon me"

13.Stand up straight

14.Hug and kiss Mum and Dad

15.Keep your promises

16.Use your imagination

17.Help others in need

18.Show Compassion 

19.Be Grateful

20.Try new Things

21.Know you are loved

22.Never give up

23.Have fun

24.Dream Big

25.learn the act of Sharing.

Thanks for reading