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Putting your phone away and paying attention to those you are talking to is called RESPECT.

So i came across an article in this month of July issue of AWAKE, about how to show texting manners. And I ask myself why are we so obsessed with our phones, because everywhere you look, people are busy typing something on their phone, playing a game or talking.

Please! for the love of Jesus we can hear you! For some reason,people feel the need to raise their voices whiles on phone forgetting their mouth couldn't physically be any closer to the microphone, so unless you're talking at the beach or somewhere very loud, please don't yell.
Don't hold inappropriate conversations in public, no one needs to hear how last night with your husband/boyfriend was, keep personal conversation personal, and refrain from emotional conversation. 
Offer to call the person back, step outside, or find a quiet place where you can openly talk. 
And please these are a few manners I want to share with you:

Don't go through someone's phone without asking, and if it's a photo,please you are only allowed to look at the photo shown to you... No scrolling to left or right to look at other photos.

Talking or texting on phone the whole time you are sitting with a friend is so so disrespectful, I mean it's like you have total disregard for the person sitting face to face with you.
Whats so important that, you can't keep your phone away and talk to that friend or person sitting right next to you, it's so annoying and very rude to be checking your phone regularly, please give your full attention.

Don't rudely interrupt a conversation just to take a call that's not so important, and even if you have to, please excuse yourself and keep the conversation short. 
Have you ever been in a middle of an interesting or hilarious conversation only  for someone to ruin that moment with,"Sorry I got to take this"? It's so annoying and frustrating.

Put your phone on vibrate when in church, weddings, banks and other public places.
Dont talk on phone when you are watching tv in the same room with someone or watching a movie in a theatre, have a little consideration for other people.

Cell Phones are really helpful devices, but when we are with someone, that person should be our focus and have our undivided attention. Unless a true emergency arises, keep the phone away.
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I've never wanted more until I met you.

If you haven't read fifty shades of grey by E.L JAMES by now, chances are you have at least heard, or one of your friends has. 
Well I read it about a year ago when a friend of mine told me to read it and promised I will love it, so I travelled for my aunt's funeral and decided to read it in my hotel room and guess what? She was telling the truth, I loved it and couldn't put it down.
For those who don't know about the fifty shades of grey and the upcoming movie. It's a much talked about love story between a naive college graduate Anastasia Steel and her rich boyfriend Christian Grey.
Well am not going to tell much, but I will say, when you get the book, do get into the fantasy. That's what fifty shades of grey is really about, it has some wild tips you can't get anywhere, loosen up a little because sometimes it's just fun to play pretend.

"I want you sore, baby"...Christian Grey

For me this book is a guilty pleasure... Naughty...lady porn.
Call it what you want , I just couldn't put it down.


No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning 
and be thankful that you still have one

Today is a blessing, think about how many people die every minute of everyday and you'll begin to realize that waking up in the morning is a blessing. We don't live in a world of peace but a world full of chaos and wickedness.
On top of this,people get sick, accidents happen and people get severely injured and die, getting another day to breathe, to experience life, and to do something meaningful is the greatest gift one can receive.
Make today count!

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    There is one life for each of us, our own.

When we were young life was easier right? It seems that way sometimes. But the truth is life is still easy  and it will always be. The only difference is we are older and the older we get, the harder we make things for ourselves.

When you are young you see the world through simple, hopeful eyes.
We knew what we wanted, we liked people who smiled and avoided those with frown faces. We ate when hungry and slept when we were tired. 
But as we grew older our minds were gradually filled with negative influences from the people we meet, the news etc. we were betrayed by friends and loved ones, we were rejected and lied to. 
We sometimes have to drink alcohol to numb our wounds and fill the voids created in our hearts, we started holding grudges, deceiving ourselves and others to get ahead. And when it didn't work out, we lived above our means, used lies to cover up lies.

Please remember your own goals. Live and do what makes you happy, don't let toxic people get the best of you, don't feel guilty about removing toxic people from your life. It does not matter whether the person is a relative, a colleague or a childhood friend or a new friend.  There are people who are always using the relationship you have with them to intimidate and manipulate you who are much aware of what they are doing to you.
 if you are suffering because of their attitude  and they don't seem to care one bit, then ask yourself, do I need this person in my life? No you don't!
When you delete toxic and negative minded people from your life, it becomes a lot easier to breathe, and you create more room for happiness.
 leave this people behind and move on. Seriously, be strong and know when enough is enough!

Speak up and stand for yourself, some people will do anything for their own personal gain at the expense of others, borrow money and won't pay back, abuse your resources, take your kindness for weakness, use you and belittle you etc. do not accept this behavior.

Don't make room for people who cause you pain or make you feel small, walk away from drama and gossip, incredible things happen when you distance yourself from negativity and those who create it.

Don't compete with everyone else or you will become bitter, but rather compete with a previous version of yourself and you will become better, those you are competing with and comparing your life maybe living a life full of lies, so please don't envy the the photos your friends post on social medias and stop comparing your life with them, for all you know, you might be far ahead of them. So be content for someone is praying for the life you have now.
The world is yours! Live your life!!
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Adiepena xxx

Sunday, 27 July 2014



Today I choose to be happy, with what I have, wherever I am,and  to be productive.
it is not the day I set aside the things I need to do.
Because today I choose to forgive the people who hurt me, but more than that, I forgive myself for giving them the power to do so, those that I have hurt too should please forgive me. 
I choose to move on, to look forward to a positive tomorrow, to remember the past but not to be affected by it.

I choose to dream again, to build new dreams, and to believe that anything with God is possible.
I look at the goodness in me, and see the good in others too, I embrace my imperfections and see beyond my faults.
I choose to believe in miracles because  the God that I know and serve is still in the miracle business, I open myself to endless possibilities and shower of blessings from above, I am a victor and refuse to be a victim.
I choose to love the most difficult people in my life, because now I look at things from a new perspective  and believe that I will see something I've missed before.

I choose to face the unknown with boldness, because I ask myself, what's there to be afraid of,if God is on my side? I choose to be in control of my life and trust God.

And so today I choose to live and most of all be HAPPY.
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Monday, 30 June 2014


Bio-Oil is an everyday moisturizer that  gives you a softer and beautiful skin, it's recommended for use for scars, stretch marks, during and after pregnancy.
This oil also helps reduce the possibility of stretch marks and improves the appearance of ones that already exist, it has always been my savior during my pregnancies, I apply it all over my tummy and breast and luckily no stretch marks were apparent after I had my kids. Apparently it's  one of the best products to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.

 Bio-Oil is not only good for your skin, it's also a great pre-wash treatment to help replenish dry and damaged hair. Simply put a towel down on your pillow before bed, work the oil through your hair and then sleep on it overnight to help lock in the moisture. Wash your hair in the morning and see how shiny it looks plus the healthy boost it gives.

This is shea butter mixed with bio-oil and this can be use as a daily hair food, for your dry skin and cracked heels.  It's inexpensive and easy to get anywhere, it's smells amazing and it's non-greasy too!... Hope you get one and try it.
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