Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013



So I have been writing about the S word lately, well maybe it's because my friends and I do not stop discussing about sex topics, so these are the few things we talked about when we met.

Ok, let's teach the men a few things about what we ladies like during sex, it is an emotional act for us and not just a physical need so take note.

(1)So always stimulate our minds by giving us a call a text or an email during the day to say something sexy to activate the mood.

(2)Please women are not microwaves, so we are not always ready when you are and don't think because you want sex we are always ready to serve you... NO!

3)Be passionate, and always remember every woman is different, what pleases one woman may not necessarily please another, so take time to caress each part of the body as if it was the last time you will experience love making... And believe me we are really going to appreciate it very much.
We always know what we want so listen to us and do as you are told.

(3)Remember that the Clitoris is the Queen,and alot women like to be touch there so learn where it is and don't forget to give it the maximum attention it needs *wink*
And we want an Orgasm every time just the way you do so keep it in mind.
This might not be enough tips for you guys, but I know you will learn something and have enjoyed reading it.


Waiting For That Ring....


So everybody around you is getting engaged! Everyday you log on Facebook and and you find out that another person is getting engaged or has posted Wedding photos... Although you are happy for them, deep down... You are thinking Ummm ANOTHER PERSON? WHEN IS MY TIME COMING???

You go to church, pray, spend time with GOD, you are living right, you are beautiful, you have a good job,you  are nice to people, you go to functions and meet men and yet you are still SINGLE?

I want to encourage you my sister, first of all, STOP comparing yourself to others and wait for your GOD appointed time which is surely going to come.
Don't be pressured by friends and relatives and just go and marry someone you do not love or going to stress you later in marriage.

Each season in your life will develop to the next one, if you are worrying non-stop about when you are going to get married, trust GOD you are sure going to get married and because human needs are insatiable, after you are married,  you are still going to need more things in your life, but be careful you get content at where you will be... Other than that, you will start worrying about having kids after just three months of marriage. You will start to think
"everybody is having kids and you don't have any kids." Then you will finally get pregnant and start comparing yourself to other pregnant women and worry about your entire pregnancy.
Then kids will finally come and you will compare your kids to everybody else's child. Do you see how this vicious cycle is? So don't compare yourself to anyone and let GOD guard you in every season of your life.

Don't let singleness make you bitter my sister, always be happy for your friends who get married, be happy for them, hug them and say congratulations whiles you pray for your turn. We get frustrated when things delay in our lives... We sometimes even gets tired, angry and bored when we wait in the queue at the bank, caught up in traffic, have to wait for your turn at the doctors office.
We all hate waiting for somethings, how much more our MARRIAGE when the biological clock is ticking? But PRAY! And wait for GODS TIME, for his TIME IS THE BEST.
Some of us has been dating men that we wish will marry us but we know deep down within us that, that MAN has zero standards and has no plans of taking you to the Altar, he will rather play with your emotions, have sex with you anytime he feels for it, make you do some domestic chores and yet he does not make you his wife.
CLEARLY, this "man" is not a husband material but because of you being single and need a man you will still be in a relationship with him... THINK!

My dear Sister am encouraging you to wait for GODS time and the the right man, your ADAM will come and change your last name and your marriage is going to glorify GOD and when you do have kids... Your husband is going to lead your household as the perfect leader, the loving husband and father.

Let's now remove the vocabulary "Am waiting for my man" and let's replace it with I TRUST GOD'S TIMING FOR EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE... Do I hear Amen!?? Lol

Now let's do some few things...
(1)Guard your heart: If Facebook is distracting you in any way, pull yourself from there a little while to think and focus about your life and future.

(2) Be happy for others: If you aren't happy about yourself, you will never be happy for anyone.
Be honest and pray to GOD that, you are jealous and bitter and TIRED of being SINGLE. Ask him to help you be a better person and grant you the favour of MARRIAGE.

(3) Eliminate the desire to compare yourself with others and don't get jealous of the ring on that sister's finger.
Focus on your work, school and your day to day schedules.
Find contentment with yourself and remember GOD loves you soo much.

 Your MARRIAGE is sure on the way! Hope you enjoyed reading                                   .