Saturday, 29 December 2012

Where have the days gone..?

Have you wondered how the days gone so quickly?
I can't believe is the end of the year already. It's not that am complaining, but I can say 2012 had been a good year for me and my family.
God had been so kind to us .
There has been a lot of achievements. But we pray 2013 will be a better year than this year.

So gotta go, happy New year to all my friends and may you be happy always


Happy birthday to me...
26th was my birthday and to honour the day i had a little party with friends and family,we had so much fun.i have now hit the big 3 0 and I have so much to be thankful for.

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Family rules with Bible verses that go with the rules.
A great way to memorize scripture and have a
family with great values.


People are often unreasonable 
and self-centred. FORGIVE them anyway

Forgiveness is letting go of grudges and bitterness, is when someone you care about hurts you,
you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge...OR embrace forgiveness and move forward.

Letting go of grudges and hurts can make way for compassion, kindness and peace.

So during this festive season, lets forgive one another and let go. I hope this X'mas brings you all your heart desires and more.

Keep believing

Wednesday, 19 December 2012



No language can Express the power and beauty and heroism of a Mother's LOVE.

Eventhough  pregnancy vary from woman to woman, you will agree with me that it is an amazing journey.
The first 3 months is pretty hard, considering the nausea, the moods, the spitting, tiredness,headaches etc. But you can't even describe the butterflies you feel on your first day of your ultrasound! you will want to hear your baby's heartbeat and be assured that the little one is healthy.
After a few seconds which feels like forever, the image appears on the screen and you see this flicker and you hear the baby's heartbeat and you are beyond Excitement.

For some people conceiving can be a little frustrating, but please dont worry much you will get pregnant in some point in your life.Whiles you are waiting for this great experience, try these;
1.Haven Sex
2.Stop  using contraceptives
3.track your menstrual cycles
4.Test for ovulation
5.Take prenatal vitamins
6.If you are in Africa you can consider traditional methods of encouraging conception.
A moment in my tummy...A lifetime in my HEART.


African kids beautifying... #children #culture #beauty

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


                                                                  Nene LEAKES

                                                                 Taraji P.Henson
                                                                   Oprah WINFREY

                                                             Omotola JALADE EKEINDE

                                                                Maya ANGELOU

                                                                  Jill SCOTT

                                                                Michelle OBAMA

                                                                    Kimberly ELISE

                                                                  Sanaa LATHAN
                                       AMAZING WOMEN...THEY INSPIRE ME IN SO MANY WAYS!!!


A woman carries a Bag, But is the SHOES that carries the Woman...CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN


Monday, 17 December 2012


Do this and watch your tummy flatten and your butt/thighs toned... All you need is a wall.


Look how this Beautiful tree is, i wish i can decorate my tree like this

So i just bought my tree today... yayyy!!! guess its going to really put us in the
christmas  mood.



I have always being thinking about how women find it so hard to get along,

i know its a question we've all asked ourselves before, do you see how guys
get along all time? they have nicknames for each other, handshakes, codes etc and we women?

We women, i mean some of us are so full of hatred, jealousy and so on. 
Don't evny your friend when she's married, have kids, good job, and all that comes with it.

life is not a race, becareful of the friend who always have something bad to say about other friends, the one who stands between two friends, cos its said that''a friend to all, is a friend to none''

But some people are so lucky, they have good friends, soul sisters, loyal buddies that  they share a bond that has been tested and tried but still stands, i say cherish them.
if you fall into this category, let me say GOOD FOR YOU.

but for those that has been backstabbed and wronged, i say get over it.
Love your family, make your sisters your bestfriends and keep your circle close.
So ladies, lets be Happy for each other and support Ourselves!

A friend is one who knows you and loves you the same!!!


Monday is here! Just 8 days to Christmas.
Are you done with your shopping?

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Movie Sunday

Sundays are meant to praise and worship our Maker and King, but Today we couldn't make it to Church because everyone had an excuse not to go for service today.
Well after breakfast we all agreed to make today, movie Sunday..the kids were like Yaaayyy, because no school tomorrow.

Tangled is the first movie we watched, we love it.
It's a story of a young beautiful princess who has a long magical hair who was stolen as a baby... I won't say much, find the Cd and watch

Harry Potter was the Second movie we watched.
Do you know this month marks exactly 15 years Of the Harry Potter's original book released... Ah 15years of Magic!

Saturday, 15 December 2012


What's the definition of guilty pleasure?
Something one enjoys and considers it pleasurable despite feeling guilty for enjoying it.... Correct me when am wrong.

This is the Famous singer Rihanna the soon to be (Mrs. Brown or Never ) hehehe, I hope they get married. She has a lot of Tattoos which many ladies have it on all parts of their bodies, some feel guilty and regret having them after is done.
We all do and have done somethings that we feel guilty after doing or feel Remorse.

My name is Adiepena and my Guilty pleasure is Shopping, small chops between meals and Nutella.

I sometimes feel am cursed with shopping because I can use money meant for something important to buy dresses that I don't need, then go home and feel sorry for myself. Hehehe... I feel sad sometimes but don't regret it after I see how the dress or the shoe fits.

Now I try to leave my cheque book and my ATM card behind when I go to the mall or Town, am really working on my shopping habit.
Do you know after leaving the Cheque book and the ATM behind?
I sometimes drive to the Bank and ask for Counter Cheque ...Guilty Much!
Much Love xx

My Favorite Pastime

I am a Tv Addict, and I can actually watch series and movies the whole day if I have the time.
I sometimes watch my favorite programs on Tv till midnight, but thanks to DSTV Pvr Decoder I can sometimes set to record a movie and watch it later whiles I do other stuffs.

Housewives Of Atlanta
I like this series because of Nene and Cynthia, I think they are so real

Basketball Wives
It's also my fav, because of the Drama that comes with it.
Tami Roman and Shaunie Oneal are my favorite in the Miami series and Draya and Gloria Govan are my fav ladies too.

The Good Wife
OMG!! The Good Wife, you should get hooked on and Thank me Later

The Kardashians
Who finds this series irritating? Well I did at first but am hooked , my fav Kardashian is Khloe and Kendall.

Enough of me Sharing, is there any Series am missing out? Pls let me know.
Much Love xx

My Christmas Wish

It's the season to be Happy and joyous.
I think I love christmas because of all the
Fun that comes with it, and yes because my birthday is Boxing Day.

I love the Excitement in the air, the Carols, the busy streets and all the buzz that comes with it.
I looked at the Calender this morning and Christmas is only 10 days away, and I haven't made my Christmas list.

Blame it on the Elections, the Xmas feeling is not really in the Air, Everyone knows its coming, but the Excitement is not really Evident, as some of the people are not Happy with the Election results.

But am still making my list though, so i went shopping with the Kids for a few things and christmas decorations.

Well I hope I get all that I wish for this Christmas and More.

Happy Planning and Much Love xx