Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Overcome your SEXUAL shyness

Oook! This is the first time am bringing the topic of sex on my blog, and it's feels a little weird, but that's the topic for today.
Why do we feel shy or talk less about it when its a big part of life and the reason
we have life!
 It freaks me out just thinking about it.  But... hello I wouldn't be writing this post if my parents didn't ummm...
 You get where am going with this? that one alone is compelling and a big wake up call.

You remember that song" let's talk about sex baby" by salt and pepa? Well am writing about SEX and talking about the song because its just stuck in my head and also Valentine's day is on the way and I thought it will be a great time to talk about it.

(1)Dress to Impress:
If you are in the mood for sex and you feel shy to say it verbally, you can get his attention by dressing sexy.
Men get turned on by seeing you looking sexy and appealing.
This means changing your bras and panties to something more revealing.
 Don't even think about grandma panties .
To really get your point across try to undress in front of him revealing that sexy undies and you will get his attention without a peep!


The tenser you feel, the more shyness you will experience.
Before being intimate with your partner, try to get into a relaxed mood by having a drink, playing your favorite music or taking a long bath. please if you take a bath, dont forget to dab a little of perfume on yourself to smell gooood!


The more you practice the more confident you'll be in the bedroom.
You can also buy some books that can teach you some sexual techniques, but the best one is actually practicing with your partner.


Any time you catch yourself feeling shy, pay attention to what you are thinking .
If its something negative, maybe about your body, your saggy breast etc.
Stop that thought immediately and replace it with something positive that will boost your sexual confidence.
As we are celebrating this month of love be generous with your partner in the bedroom.
Always try to exercise and eat healthy so you will feel good in your skin.
 A great physique or figure is nice, but it's self confidence that makes someone really sexy.

Hope you enjoy reading