Wednesday, 20 March 2013



So I have been writing about the S word lately, well maybe it's because my friends and I do not stop discussing about sex topics, so these are the few things we talked about when we met.

Ok, let's teach the men a few things about what we ladies like during sex, it is an emotional act for us and not just a physical need so take note.

(1)So always stimulate our minds by giving us a call a text or an email during the day to say something sexy to activate the mood.

(2)Please women are not microwaves, so we are not always ready when you are and don't think because you want sex we are always ready to serve you... NO!

3)Be passionate, and always remember every woman is different, what pleases one woman may not necessarily please another, so take time to caress each part of the body as if it was the last time you will experience love making... And believe me we are really going to appreciate it very much.
We always know what we want so listen to us and do as you are told.

(3)Remember that the Clitoris is the Queen,and alot women like to be touch there so learn where it is and don't forget to give it the maximum attention it needs *wink*
And we want an Orgasm every time just the way you do so keep it in mind.
This might not be enough tips for you guys, but I know you will learn something and have enjoyed reading it.