Friday, 18 October 2013


Hello everyone, its been centuries since i last wrote a blog. Well i have been busy with other stuffs.
So today am writing about why women keep hating on each other

Is no more news that women are their own enemies, a friend told me a story about how a friend she took as a sister betrayed and lied about her with the purpose of breaking up her home, just because she was jealous of the family she has now.

A single lady  has friends and goes everywhere with them, the friends will immediately start gossiping and hating when she tells them the handsome guy she's dating has proposed marriage and he's ready to make her  his wife.

On her wedding day, they will be part of the bridal train, congratulating, dancing, and laughing with her, but they are the same women who will later go and say her wedding dress wasn't beautiful , and the food served at the reception wasn't enough and the taste was terrible, there will be some who will look for a way to sleep with the bridegroom the same night if given the chance.

After the wedding, they will be wishing her barrenness, they will call her every month to ask '' whats up? when am i going to be an aunty'' in a sweet voice without the innocent woman knowing they are mocking her.
She will finally have a child and because she knows you are a trusted friend and like a sister to her, she will
call you to help with the baby whilst she travels for an official assignment, the ''trusted friend'' will be there  in her  matrimonial home taking care of the baby and sleeping with the husband too.

Oh women! why cant we be happy for each other and stop the hating, some women have been deeply wounded by emotional attacks from women who are trusted friends.
please stop the hating and the jealousy, its demeaning and robs us of the full contribution we could make on ourselves. 
sometimes in our work places, a woman in charge determines another woman is a threat because of her looks or a competitor for her attention for the space she occupies, so she will do anything possible to keep her down or go to the extent of making her loose the job.

ladies, lets be clear, when you choose to hate someone based on their appearance, her family, the car she drives, her job etc, or simply hate someone or rob someone of an opportunity, you expose an insecurity in yourself. Men have a sense of brotherhood, they look out for one other, why cant we do the same?
lets us women stop the hating, the jealousy and celebrate one another, because we women are great and we rock!!!
thanks for reading