Monday, 30 June 2014


Bio-Oil is an everyday moisturizer that  gives you a softer and beautiful skin, it's recommended for use for scars, stretch marks, during and after pregnancy.
This oil also helps reduce the possibility of stretch marks and improves the appearance of ones that already exist, it has always been my savior during my pregnancies, I apply it all over my tummy and breast and luckily no stretch marks were apparent after I had my kids. Apparently it's  one of the best products to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite.

 Bio-Oil is not only good for your skin, it's also a great pre-wash treatment to help replenish dry and damaged hair. Simply put a towel down on your pillow before bed, work the oil through your hair and then sleep on it overnight to help lock in the moisture. Wash your hair in the morning and see how shiny it looks plus the healthy boost it gives.

This is shea butter mixed with bio-oil and this can be use as a daily hair food, for your dry skin and cracked heels.  It's inexpensive and easy to get anywhere, it's smells amazing and it's non-greasy too!... Hope you get one and try it.
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