Monday, 30 March 2015

Social Media Envy

Social media ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) is a platform where we share information with friends, family and connect with other people.
But social media is becoming a platform for generating envy in a lot of people.
You scroll down on your newsfeed or timeline, and you see your friends with stylish clothes, weaves, shoes and other things you wish you have so you became so green with envy because your salary isn't enough for you to be buying those things when you are so tight on your budget, you see a friend's wedding photos and you feel soo envious that, you can't even type the word Congratulations! 
Because you are at the same age and you don't even have a man in your life.
Hehehe...please you add nothing to your life by envying these people's good fortune, and their happiness really has nothing to do with you, and remember "All that glitters is not gold".

But don't believe everything you see, people lie on social media to make themselves feel and look good to the extent of borrowing stuffs to show off, what you don't know is, they never share the fight they had with their spouse right after the wedding, or the debt they are in with planning of the ceremony.
So next time you see a friend who is doing well in his/her life, don't be bitter, envious or feel sorry for yourself. 
Hit the "like" button and join in their joy.  Because most people share the best parts of their lives with photoshopping and filters. 

At the end of the day, we need to remember that everyone is struggling.
What you see on display looks perfect, but it's far from perfect. 
Comparing only create pain and resentment, and comparison is a thief of joy.
We need to look to GOD who can only fill that void in our heart!

Thanks for reading