Tuesday, 15 January 2013


One Sunday I was on my way back from church when my car developed a fault, I packed it on the roadside deciding what to do. I opened the Bonnet and checked the battery and water level and that is all I know how to do.
I called my mechanic and he was traveled for the weekend, i was frustrated and all mechanic shops was closed since it was a Sunday.
A man coming from church with his family parked and got down to help. Within some few minutes of fixing this and that,  he asked me to start the ignition and viola the car starts.
I said "Thanks" and thanked his wife and kids for their patience.
I stood on the roadside for over an hour but someone used about 5 minutes to to be kind and helpful to make my day.
Being randomly kind doesn't have to cost you a thing or money.
I am a person who open doors for strangers, stop my car to make elderly and school children cross the road, give compliments in passing when I feel inclined. But since I was on the receiving end, I feel truly to be a little more kinder in general.
It's really a chain reaction. Just smiling or paying a compliment can turn a person's day around. Because happiness and kindness is Contagious