Thursday, 11 April 2013


Always be thankful for the children in your life because they are a blessing from GOD. Even though parenthood is full of stress , challenges and worries, it is also rich with rewards. As a parent, there's no need to search the meaning of life or the reason for your existence because your mission on earth is clear and that is all about your children, I know is not everyone who's going to agree with me.

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child, I was totally unprepared for the love I will feel for him when he was born.
I remember always being happy when he kicks and was so surprised when I heard him having hiccups in my belly, Oh my!
I never knew I could feel such love for another human being.

And with my second pregnancy and third I have already loved them so much and has bonded with and been talking to them before they were even born. If you are a mother, I know you understand and knows how it feels to carry a child in your womb.

We always have to be thankful and grateful to God for the love we find in our children and making some of us experience the joy of motherhood.You will still feel that same love for your children even if they are not biologically yours because it isn't always by blood.

What I wasn't prepared for, though and continue to be are the little things that make my heart burst. The small actions my children do that I feel at the root of my soul. Sometimes your children will do or say something that makes you forget all your worries and bring that beautiful smile to your face, with them you are never lonely because they are our constant companions.

There are moments that your children just takes your breath away amidst all the crying and tantrums and the hard times they've given you, this shows us that we are also being loved by our children with a love that has no boundaries.
For me there's no better, stronger, no more amazing love than the love of a parent for their children, Except perhaps the love of a child for their parents. Both are worth Everything!
I am thankful for my 3 kids, what about you?
Thanks for reading.