Sunday, 27 July 2014


Today I choose to be happy, with what I have, wherever I am,and  to be productive.
it is not the day I set aside the things I need to do.
Because today I choose to forgive the people who hurt me, but more than that, I forgive myself for giving them the power to do so, those that I have hurt too should please forgive me. 
I choose to move on, to look forward to a positive tomorrow, to remember the past but not to be affected by it.

I choose to dream again, to build new dreams, and to believe that anything with God is possible.
I look at the goodness in me, and see the good in others too, I embrace my imperfections and see beyond my faults.
I choose to believe in miracles because  the God that I know and serve is still in the miracle business, I open myself to endless possibilities and shower of blessings from above, I am a victor and refuse to be a victim.
I choose to love the most difficult people in my life, because now I look at things from a new perspective  and believe that I will see something I've missed before.

I choose to face the unknown with boldness, because I ask myself, what's there to be afraid of,if God is on my side? I choose to be in control of my life and trust God.

And so today I choose to live and most of all be HAPPY.
Thanks for reading