Monday, 28 July 2014


Putting your phone away and paying attention to those you are talking to is called RESPECT.

So i came across an article in this month of July issue of AWAKE, about how to show texting manners. And I ask myself why are we so obsessed with our phones, because everywhere you look, people are busy typing something on their phone, playing a game or talking.

Please! for the love of Jesus we can hear you! For some reason,people feel the need to raise their voices whiles on phone forgetting their mouth couldn't physically be any closer to the microphone, so unless you're talking at the beach or somewhere very loud, please don't yell.
Don't hold inappropriate conversations in public, no one needs to hear how last night with your husband/boyfriend was, keep personal conversation personal, and refrain from emotional conversation. 
Offer to call the person back, step outside, or find a quiet place where you can openly talk. 
And please these are a few manners I want to share with you:

Don't go through someone's phone without asking, and if it's a photo,please you are only allowed to look at the photo shown to you... No scrolling to left or right to look at other photos.

Talking or texting on phone the whole time you are sitting with a friend is so so disrespectful, I mean it's like you have total disregard for the person sitting face to face with you.
Whats so important that, you can't keep your phone away and talk to that friend or person sitting right next to you, it's so annoying and very rude to be checking your phone regularly, please give your full attention.

Don't rudely interrupt a conversation just to take a call that's not so important, and even if you have to, please excuse yourself and keep the conversation short. 
Have you ever been in a middle of an interesting or hilarious conversation only  for someone to ruin that moment with,"Sorry I got to take this"? It's so annoying and frustrating.

Put your phone on vibrate when in church, weddings, banks and other public places.
Dont talk on phone when you are watching tv in the same room with someone or watching a movie in a theatre, have a little consideration for other people.

Cell Phones are really helpful devices, but when we are with someone, that person should be our focus and have our undivided attention. Unless a true emergency arises, keep the phone away.
Thanks for reading
Adiepena Xxx