Saturday, 15 December 2012


What's the definition of guilty pleasure?
Something one enjoys and considers it pleasurable despite feeling guilty for enjoying it.... Correct me when am wrong.

This is the Famous singer Rihanna the soon to be (Mrs. Brown or Never ) hehehe, I hope they get married. She has a lot of Tattoos which many ladies have it on all parts of their bodies, some feel guilty and regret having them after is done.
We all do and have done somethings that we feel guilty after doing or feel Remorse.

My name is Adiepena and my Guilty pleasure is Shopping, small chops between meals and Nutella.

I sometimes feel am cursed with shopping because I can use money meant for something important to buy dresses that I don't need, then go home and feel sorry for myself. Hehehe... I feel sad sometimes but don't regret it after I see how the dress or the shoe fits.

Now I try to leave my cheque book and my ATM card behind when I go to the mall or Town, am really working on my shopping habit.
Do you know after leaving the Cheque book and the ATM behind?
I sometimes drive to the Bank and ask for Counter Cheque ...Guilty Much!
Much Love xx