Monday, 17 December 2012



I have always being thinking about how women find it so hard to get along,

i know its a question we've all asked ourselves before, do you see how guys
get along all time? they have nicknames for each other, handshakes, codes etc and we women?

We women, i mean some of us are so full of hatred, jealousy and so on. 
Don't evny your friend when she's married, have kids, good job, and all that comes with it.

life is not a race, becareful of the friend who always have something bad to say about other friends, the one who stands between two friends, cos its said that''a friend to all, is a friend to none''

But some people are so lucky, they have good friends, soul sisters, loyal buddies that  they share a bond that has been tested and tried but still stands, i say cherish them.
if you fall into this category, let me say GOOD FOR YOU.

but for those that has been backstabbed and wronged, i say get over it.
Love your family, make your sisters your bestfriends and keep your circle close.
So ladies, lets be Happy for each other and support Ourselves!

A friend is one who knows you and loves you the same!!!