Friday, 14 December 2012

Kids on vacation

Kids vacated yesterday to prepare for the holiday season.
Even though am happy I could ignore the alarm and sleep till 6, I still wish I can have my "Me Time" but it was just impossible.

I had to miss an appointment with a friend because Nana was coughing and had a cold, poor boy... He was fussy and will not touch his food.
He couldn't sleep because he had a stuffy nose, I had to carry him at my back through out the afternoon so he could catch some sleep and rest.

I made him one of his favorites and just to calm him down, a blow out gum and later a chocolate banana Smoothie.
The Recipe
1. 3 fingers of banana
2. Some Milk

1. Cut banana into pieces
2.blend it till smooth
3. Pour it in a Glass
4.Put the grated chocolate on top.

Voila... You have it!!
Much Love xx