Wednesday, 19 December 2012


No language can Express the power and beauty and heroism of a Mother's LOVE.

Eventhough  pregnancy vary from woman to woman, you will agree with me that it is an amazing journey.
The first 3 months is pretty hard, considering the nausea, the moods, the spitting, tiredness,headaches etc. But you can't even describe the butterflies you feel on your first day of your ultrasound! you will want to hear your baby's heartbeat and be assured that the little one is healthy.
After a few seconds which feels like forever, the image appears on the screen and you see this flicker and you hear the baby's heartbeat and you are beyond Excitement.

For some people conceiving can be a little frustrating, but please dont worry much you will get pregnant in some point in your life.Whiles you are waiting for this great experience, try these;
1.Haven Sex
2.Stop  using contraceptives
3.track your menstrual cycles
4.Test for ovulation
5.Take prenatal vitamins
6.If you are in Africa you can consider traditional methods of encouraging conception.
A moment in my tummy...A lifetime in my HEART.